Project coordination, TODO-list, Contributors

This list is for tracking what is currently happening in this project.

Phases of the project

  • recruiting new members (all the time)
  • concepting. First we need to agree what we are doing. See features-page.
  • designing the technological framework and if needed, software architecture.
  • implementing the software system / getting place/server/database etc for the project.
  • testing. Running the system prototype and adding "initial data" and see how it works.
  • publishing. Make this project known for the big audience.
  • quality control. Keeping up the system, maintaining good contect/users etc.


  • Add your name to the contributors-list if you are in. Tell us something about yourself. At least what you can/are interested in doing and what don't.
  • First we need to discuss what features we want to this atlas and how to manage this project to achieve the goals.


You can and are encouraged to register as wikidot-user and apply membership in the page how to join this site?.

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