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So should it be downloadable application software, browser-based, free, etc.? Editable for everyone?

Access to the atlas by SkylarkSkylark, 09 Oct 2008 08:01

This wikisite

What do you think of having this wikisite for collaboration organization purposes? What would be the role between this site vs wikipedia wikiproject page?


There is a forum-formed discussion feature within the wikidot. It could be used instead of this "normal page" used as a discussion thread. Should we use it instead? A registeration to wikidot is required for that for all (if I remember correctly)

Other ways of communication

What about occassional IRC session, live-meetings(?), email… good idea/not necessary/not possible?

Cooperation methods by SkylarkSkylark, 09 Oct 2008 07:54
SkylarkSkylark 09 Oct 2008 07:34
in discussion Discussion topics / General topics » Hello!

hello everybody and welcome. Testing 1,2,3 —Skylark

Hello! by SkylarkSkylark, 09 Oct 2008 07:34
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