What kind of entity will the history atlas be

Can we agree of these fundamental characteristics?

  • a web-based free-content history atlas
  • animated atlas. Map can be viewed as an progressing animation. Not just collection of maps, drawn in standard format.
  • the atlas information is stored in a centralized server.
  • the atlas information can be edited graphically via www.
  • the server application needs to be totally or partially designed and developed by ourselves (authors of the service).
  • Discussion on fundamental characteristics

Access to the atlas

  • Discussion on access to the atlas
  • Option 1: online, browser based, wiki-style all can edit (user controlled of course if needed).
  • Option 2: online, used with standalone application. wiki-style all can edit.
  • Option 3: online, read-only, data is brought by the authors.

Information shown

  • Discussion on information shown
  • basic layer (land/water/terrain/rivers/lakes/mountains.) Also changes over time? (a bit yes). Height/terrain type map of just water/land/river)?
  • different levels of areas; levels of sovereignty (e.g. germanic tribes in similar color theme, all kinds of belongs-to, contains-what relations must be listed here. May be very complex. that's why lets list all known types). See also: [[graphical notation]]. Types:
    • provences/regions in a country
    • different sovereign countries in modern sense.
    • as above, but in European Union
    • different states of USA
    • Ancient greek states
    • former indian reservates in USA.
    • russian states under mongolian influence
    • colonies (e.g. asian/african/american colonies of england/portugal/holland/france/spain in 1500-1800)
  • different levels of borders; according to areas. In its biggest level, maybe something such as cold war east/west block borders.
  • Remarkable cities?
  • Links to wikipedia-articles of regions, conflicts, cities
  • Names in different languages? original language, modern english, other languages…
  • Time precision. At one day precision? That must be enough. If something is not known that precisely, it is just marked into Jan 1st or flagged are "precision of 1 year" or something.
  • Even military units at war campaign if known? One could watch World War II map progression… not the first feature to implement but anyway…
  • Some sort of filters for displaying/hiding content if there's too much information so the view could become messy…?


  • Discussion on animation features
  • User can enter time
  • User can click 1 day/1 month/1 year/10 years/100 years forward/backward in one click
  • User can "play" animation that goes forward at desired speed
  • User can zoom in/zoom out anywhere to see what area is interesting to the user.
  • When animation / time browsing is stopped, one can edit the current situation. Edits apply for the current time forwards (e.g. user is at 4.4.1203; changing a border means the border is changed at that date). Maybe to backwards as well in some situations…

Graphical User Interface

What do it look like and how do you do things?
An own page for it would be nice: GUI

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